Friday, August 12, 2011

Summery days

I am sad to say (and in some ways happy) that my husband and I have been trying to drop a few extra pounds that have taken up residence. It has been going rather well, but unfortunately, I haven't been making a lot of things worth writing about. I mean its good, but  nothing exciting. So, I am reaching back into my arsenal of recipes I have been intending to write about, but get tossed to the curb when something else comes along and steals my attention. I guess I am just getting a chance to catch up! I have to say, though, there is no better time to eat light. I don't have that strong urge to bake when it is 110 degrees outside and humid. Fruit and salads sound lovely and I return to the kitchen with a renewed desire to bake and cook.
In these summery days of diets and tank-tops, I was thinking I should write about a lovely snack I read about in Women's Health. It's simple and my children love it. Just freeze a few light yogurts. Pack them to take on a picnic, or just set them in the fridge the day you want to eat them. By the afternoon they are the texture of sorbet. My kids think its 'yogurt ice-cream', but in reality they are getting a healthy snack.
I win! What more could I ask for?

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