Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Mario Party

 For my son's 6th birthday party, we threw a Mario Party.
We made invitations, cut from a template I made from toadstool napkins.
I frosted a cake that looked like a controller (I am boycotting fondant, since it tastes disgusting). I went with a bit of an Italian food theme, since Mario and Luigi are Italians. We served mini toad pizzas, (I tried to make them look like toad but it didn't work.) Yoshi munch (Italian salad with mozzarella, salami, tomatoes, olives, and pepperoncinis). We also had ? block PB& J Sandwiches and Power Star cheese crackers. The cheese crackers are really good and very easy. I would definitely make them again.

This is the perfect punch to serve at a kids party because it is virtually sugar free! 

Princess Peach Punch
2 2-liters Fresca
1 2-liters club soda
2 8 oz package frozen peaches
1 8 oz package frozen raspberries
apple juice (optional)

Puree peaches and raspberries in a blender, adding apple juice or water to thin enough for a puree. Combine chilled ingredients in a punch bowl.

We blew up white balloons and I had my husband draw 'Boo' faces on them with permanent marker. We hung them with fishing line tied around their bodies. My mom made a SUPER cute Mario scene on the table, and that was totally her idea at the last minute.

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  1. Very cool!
    I've just been invited to a party where they are doing Mario, too. I'm researching designs for a shirt I want to make the birthday boy, and your toadstool photo is what I needed.
    Thanks! :)


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