Thursday, April 12, 2012

Using Leftovers-Ham

Every time there is a big occasion, I usually make massive plans for the leftovers. I have a favorite turkey stew I make after Thanksgiving, and I also usually make my own version of croquettes, composed of stuffing, potatoes, and turkey, topped with pipping hot leftover gravy. I almost forbid people to make turkey sandwiches, instead wanting to save the meat for other, more exciting destinations.
There is usually a lot more ham leftover. I think its because for Easter, we don't invite twenty people over. Easter is usually a last-minute, (this year we moved it to Monday night because things were so hectic) and we just have family. That's what happens when a holiday falls on a Sunday. Therefore, I am left with like eight pounds of ham sitting in my fridge, asking if they are going to end up in the trash. So here are ten ways you can use up that hunk before he gets bad. (PS, cut all the meat off and chop it into bite size pieces. Pop the bone in the freezer and store the chopped meat in a ziploc. It will make your life easier.)

1. Pasta with cream sauce, fried ham, and peas
2. Omelets with ham and brie (breakfast or dinner)
3. Pancakes with a side of fried ham and scrambled eggs (we had my usual pancake recipe, substituting 1/2 cup whole wheat flour for an equal amount of white, added cinnamon, substituted vanilla for the almond, added mashed bananas, the chocolate chips, and ground flaxseed, omitting the cranberries)
4. BBQ pizza, with mozzarella, BBQ sauce, chopped ham, green onions, and pineapple
5. Use a whole wheat wrap or 'Flat-Out' and make a lunch with chopped ham, honey chipotle sauce, lettuce, and cheese.
6. Breakfast burritos by scrambling leftover potatoes and ham with eggs. Top with cheese.
7. Make a potato and leek soup and substitute ham for sausage.
8. Throw some in your green beans.
9. Make breakfast buns and freeze some.
10. Cobb salad.

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