Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Homemade Feta-Cheesepalooza Challenge #3

First, let me say, I am really enjoying this cheese making thing. I am not saying I am going to make all my cheeses at home, but I really think it is fun and very rewarding. I used up the last of my cream cheese on New Year's Eve when I made cream cheese rangoon, filled with thinly sliced scallions, salt and pepper.
I made the feta, together with my mom, and it turned out wonderful. I cannot wait to make marinated feta and olives for my husband, one of his favorite snacks.
It is a little bit of a longer process than making other cheeses, but it was well worth it. It was also fun because you cut the curds, which is something that you do when you make 'real' cheese.
After it is drained you cut it up and toss it with salt, then let it sit in your fridge for five days. The end result is a delicious, creamy cheese, that far surpasses anything the regular grocery store has to offer, even if you were to buy an artisan cheese.

The recipe is from Mary Karlin's Artisan Cheesemaking at Home, and it called for a bit more salt than I used, and it is very salty, as feta is supposed to be.
While cheesemaking may not be for you, I think its important that we all realize we can produce delicious food at home, and there are many resources available, and even people, who love to help others learn these techniques!

Tasting Notes:
  • Appearance: white, large curds
  • Nose (aroma): milky
  • Overall Taste: creamy and smooth, like salty milk
  • Sweet to Salty: salty
  • Mild (mellow) to Robust to Pungent (stinky): mild, but more robust than cream cheese
  • Mouth Feel: (gritty, sandy, chewy, greasy, gummy, etc.): extremely smooth

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  1. Good Job Laurel, I love feta, and especially marinated feta. Your's look great


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