Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby Boy Shower

Well, we have been trying to move this last week, and all I have to say is, we haven't really moved anything, yet.
Our renter had a cat living inside and it destroyed the carpet in two rooms. There is lots of repainting that needs to be done, so I am working on that while we are haggling with Home Depot and their flooring department.  And when I say haggling, I mean haggling. You would not believe some of the stuff if I told you.
On top of that, we have had a little run in with the flu virus. But hopefully we didn't share and we have seen the last of it.

That said, hopefully we will be in by the end of the week and things can get back to normal.

Also, we tried this recipe from Bon Appetit, and you hafta, hafta try it. It has the basic makings of beef stew with two little twists; peppers, and coconut milk (oh and some cilantro on top). My husband said it is his new favorite dish and even my picky sister couldn't get enough of it. It is good. Really good.
Until I have time to post another recipe, here are some ideas for a boy baby shower. I recently did one for a friend, and made these cupcakes that she requested. She wanted Red Velvet and Double Fudge, so I used my usual Red Velvet recipe, and I made my usual chocolate, but added chocolate chips to the recipe. I made cream cheese frosting for both of them, use this recipe, but skip the white chocolate and add extra powdered sugar to get it nice and white and a bit on the stiff side.
For the decorations (which, as you can see, I am not terribly good at) I made up some blue and yellow frosting, and piped baby booties and hats. You use a small round tip to make the edge, then fill in with a small star tip. For the booties I made a little loop on the side, and for the hats I made a pom-pom at the top and some alternating colored accents on the bottom, both done with a medium round tip.
And let me tell you this, if I can do it, you can do it. Of any talents I have, decorating is not one of them. Then I just made blocks that said, "It's a Boy" with yellow and blue dots surrounding them. They turned out quite nice, but more importantly they were personalized, and they didn't cost me my first born child. They were also quite delicious. 

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