Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eat Here-Bottega

Last weekend found my husband and I in the beautiful Napa Valley. We had decided to take a trip away for our anniversary, a luxury we have not really been able to enjoy since our youngest son was born. His health difficulties have made us uncomfortable for leaving longer than about 24-hours. The last time we were in Napa my husband was taking a physical exam for the county sheriff's department,
and it wasn't really a retreat.
I had made plans to visit Thomas Keller's Addendum, only to find it was closed for the season. But to my surprise, I found his other restaurants, The French Laundry and Bouchon are located in Napa. For some reason, I had believe they were somewhere on the east coast.
We showed up at Bouchon, looking for a seat at the bar, when we were informed there was quite a wait. We made a 9:30 reservation and at the Maitre d's suggestion went across the street to Bottega for appetizers. It was a beautiful evening and Bottega is located in a nice plaza, filled with shops that closed early in the day.
The restaurant was full and bustling with activity. Distressed brick, reminiscent of an Italian grandmother's kitchen, met with a modern motif in the interior of the restaurant. We were seated on the patio, sharing a large wooden table with other couples, our backs to the over-sized fireplace crackling away.
We ordered the Mozzarella Burrata. It came with "house cured" coppa, walnut pesto bruschetta, peppercress, truffle vinaigrette & orange essence. The burrata was delicious, clean and fresh tasting, and the coppa was the perfect compliment. We even picked up the sweetness of orange with the truffle oil, creating a delicious contrast of flavors. The large garlic crouton gave a little crunch to the dish. We were served a large piece of crusty bread, accompanied by a small dish of garlic, oil, and spices. I was a little disappointed that we were leaving, as a matter of fact, I almost recanted and stayed.
On our way out we spotted Chef Michael Chiarello, chatting with a patron. Overall, I would definitely eat there again, and I would love to share with you what I order the next time I go there.

6525 Washington St
Yountville, CA

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