Monday, December 6, 2010

Eat Here-The Rose Restaurant

A few weeks back my husband and I decided to spend a night away from the kids. We really needed it, it has been quite a while. We were supposed to go away for a weekend in August, but extenuating circumstances prevented that, so it got postponed and shortened. My husband found a restaurant for us to visit, somewhere new for us to try out.
The Rose Restaurant in Prescott, Arizona is inconspicuous. It occupies a house that has a nostalgic look about it. As you enter, there is a lovely little area that was a household foyer in a former life. You might be greeted by the owner, a sweet middling woman from the midwest. She makes the place. She greets each patron at their table, announces the specials, and pushes her homemade pies. She bakes the pies herself, and that evening we had the privilege of sampling her handmade pecan pie. But I will tell you about that later.
The restaurant is sprawled across the ground level of a spacious house, with tables and chairs situated perfectly in the now-open rooms. There are enough seats to make you feel like there are other people around, but not so many that the room lacks privacy.
The restaurant has a definite French flair, but classy, updated decor keeps it feeling fresh. The menu holds traditional offerings, many with an updated twist.
We started with the Brie and roasted garlic, it was delicious. My husband thinks it was the best brie he has ever had. It was cooked to perfection, as was the roasted garlic, a creamy, delicious addition to the platter. There were actually a couple of appetizers I wanted to try, but I wasn't sure if he would like all of them.
We settled on the prime rib and lobster tail. My husband and I are not really big eaters, so usually if we have a starter, meal and dessert, we split all of it between the two of us.
The prime rib came with fresh veggies and a potato gratin dish, both were delicious, but the prime rib was stunning. Cooked to perfection and so tender! The horseradish sauce was perfect, and the lobster tail was divine. Everything was seasoned perfectly, in my opinion.
We ended with a slice of pecan pie, one of my favorites, and it was perfect. I know I have used that word many times, but there are no other words like it! If I had a restaurant, I would model it after the Rose Restaurant. It is definitely on my list of places I want to return to, and I would recommend it again and again.

The Rose Restaurant
234 South Cortez Street
Prescott, AZ 86303-3939
(928) 777-8308

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